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regatta n : a meeting for boat races

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  • /rı'gætǝ/


From Venetian dialect.



  1. Orig. Name originally used in Venice for specific boat-races on the Grand Canal.
  2. A series of boat-races, although sometimes used for a single race.
  3. A striped cotton fabric.

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This article is about the sport of boat racing, for the outdoor clothing brand see Regatta (clothing brand)
A regatta is a term used to describe either a boat race, or series of boat races. Although the term typically describes racing events of unpowered watercraft, some powerboat race series are also called regattas. Most commonly, a regatta is either a series of rowing, sailing, gondala races or yacht racing. A regatta often includes social and promotional activities which surround the racing event, and except in the case of boat type (or "class") championships, is usually named for the town or venue where the event takes place.
Although regatta are typically amateur competitions, they are usually very highly organized, formally structured events, with complex rules precisely describing the schedule and procedures of the event. Regattas may be organized as championships for a particular area or type of boat, but are often held just for the joy of competition, camaraderie, and general promotion of the sport. Frequently sailing racing events are held for single class, or for one particular model sailboat such as the Islander 36. Regattas may be hosted by a yacht club, sailing association, town or school as in the case of Interscholastic Sailing Association (high school) regattas or Intercollegiate Sailing Association (college) regattas.
One of the largest and most popular regattas is the Henley Royal Regatta held on the River Thames, England. The oldest running regatta in the world is Cowes Week, which is held annually by the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes, England and usually attracts over 900 sailboats. North America's oldest regatta is the Royal St. John's Regatta held on Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's, Newfoundland every year since 1826. Additional examples of regattas are listed below.

Rowing regattas

Sailing regattas

High school sailing regattas

  • Mallory Cup, United States high school sailing national championships.
  • The Brentwood Regatta is held in the spring and is one of the largest high school sailing regattas on the west coast of North America.
  • The National School Sailing Association Regatta, UK. Annual Sailing reggatta held in various sailing clubs and competed in by many secondary school students.

Other regattas

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Highland games, Le Mans, Olympiad, Olympic games, air race, automobile race, bicycle race, boat race, carousel, contest of speed, cross-country race, dash, derby, dog race, drag race, endurance race, field day, footrace, games, gymkhana, heat, hurdle race, lap, marathon, marathon race, match race, meet, motorcycle race, obstacle race, potato race, race, rally, relay, relay race, road race, run, sack race, speedway race, sprint, sprint race, stock-car race, the Olympics, three-legged race, torch race, tournament, tourney, track meet, track race, walk, yacht race
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